Header image: 4th Edition of the Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography; Berlin, October 2016. Special invitee: Steve McCurry



5th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography, Barcelona, October 2018

Following the success of the 4th edition held at the Palazzo Italia in Berlin on October 2016, we're now organising the 5th edition and are calling professional and amateur photographers from all over the world to submit their work for consideration of the Biennial Curators' Committee. The last edition showcased 1,200 photographs of 420 artists and had Steve McCurry as an special invitee exhibiting a retrospective of his works. This 5th edition will be held in Barcelona in October 2018 exhibiting works selected from the 10th and 11th Julia Margaret Cameron Award, the 9th, 10th and 11th Pollux Awards, and other Awards hosted by The Photography Gala Awards. With this call, free to enter, we want to expand the scope of this unique event giving an opportunity to photographers worldwide to exhibit their work in a multicultural city such as Barcelona.

The Biennial will take place in several galleries in Barcelona, during the month of October 2018, with a central hub in the Gallery Valid Foto. Final venues will be announced shortly. The Biennial is also working in the feasibility of doing night projections of all works exhibited, in large screen in a public square in Barcelona during the Barcelona Gallery Week End on September 26-29.


Professional & Amateur Photographers worldwide, working in all mediums, styles and schools of thought, submitting traditional, contemporary, avant-garde, creative and experimental works that may include old and new processes, mixed techniques, and showcasing challenging personal, emotional or political statements.

Images cab be color or black and white, and there's no restriction . regarding the time the image was taken.

Awardees of our 2017 competitions, such as the Pollux and Julia Cameron Awards that have exhibited in September and October 2017, and will exhibit in April 2018, are not entitled to enter in this selection, simply because they have already been selected for the Biennial, and may contact us in case they want to exhibit new material.

submitting for the selection of works for this biennial is free

What to Submit

Entrants have to submit a minimum of 4 images and a maximum of 10. Photographs can be individual images (singles) or conforming a series, meaning a coherent body of work or part of a project. A series is conformed by 4 or 5 images.

Therefore, entrants may submit up to 10 single images, or 5 single images and 1 series of five images; or 2 series of 4 images each, and 2 single images, etc. Or the entrant may choose to submit just 4 single images or  just a series of 4 images. Any combination is fine provided the entrant submit between 4 and 10 images.

Photographs (which can be color or black and white) should be submitted in digital files in the Registration Form embedded below.
Extension: jpg. Resolution: 72 dpi. Size: between 1200 and 2000 pixels in the longest side.

Entrants guarantee that they can submit, if selected, files in 300 dpi (ideally tiff but also jpg may be accepted) to be printed for the exhibition.


Submissions are accepted until March 8 2018 at midnight EST (Final Extended Deadline)


selection process and exhibition in the Biennial

This is not a competition, and consequently the selection process will be done by the Biennial Curators' Committee on an ongoing basis, and selected artists will be notified 3 working days after the reception of the respective submission. Given the fact that very often a large majority of entrants submit their work at the last minute, submissions received on March 6 will be selected and notified  between March 9 and March 12.

Those selected will be invited to be part of the Biennial.

As we have done in the last three editions of the Biennial (Buenos Aires 2012, Malaga 2014, Berlin 2016) we will take care of printing, matting and framing. This decision was taken after the many problems (customs delays and duties, mainly) we had in the first Biennial (Madrid 2010) when receiving either prints for framing or framed prints.

In this occasion sizes will be homogenised in 50 x 70 cm (19 x 28"), 60 x 60 cm (28 x 28"), and 30 x 80 cm (12 x 31"). All are sizes of the frame window. According to the artist's decision, print will be framed to the edge or matted. The default mat will measure 5 cm (2") by side, but can be eventually be smaller or larger, according to the proportion of the image.

Proceeds of the sale of works: In case works are sold during the Biennial, 100% of the proceeds will be for the artist. The Biennial charge no commission for the sales.

By submitting work for this selection, entrants understand that will have to send a high resolution file (as indicated above) for printing, matting and framing. The Biennial will charge a flat fee of $280 per work for printing, matting and framing. That fee includes costs of hanging and labelling, as well as insurance. No exhibition fee will be charged and all exhibition cost such as venue rental, promotion, catalogue, etc, will be borne by the Biennial.

By entering this selection entrants agree these rules, meaning that no exception will be done regarding the no-acceptance of printed and framed works to be sent to the Biennial. In order to have an homogeneous look and to avoid potential delays in the reception of works, prints and frames will be done by the Biennial.

copyright and usage

All entrants warrant that they own the work submitted and that they have the exclusive copyright. The Biennial recognises that the author retain full ownership of the image copyright.

Entrants warrant that their photographs may be reproduced for the purpose of marketing and promoting the Biennial, as well as in catalogues, posters, postcards, publications, and on the Internet. Such use is granted for no more than two years after the announcement of the works selected in this competition. Such use is granted without any payment to the photographer or featured models. Photographers will receive credit with each use, and allow the Biennial to sublicense their photographs to the press for reproduction in connection with the Biennial.

The Biennial has the right to reject and remove any entry that contains defamatory, racist, obscene or pornographic content, or that may be considered a criminal offence or violate any law.

fill out this from to register and upload your work: