fine art category

winner: john eaton, series in english country houses

honorable mentions:

annette schreiber, series all by themselves 

coRINna holthusen, series Tribe

Diane Kravetz, Series Untitled

ellen jantzen, series disturbing the spirits

fabio rossi, series untitled

ferit kuyas, series 50 objects i haven't touched for 5 years

gregoire cachemaille, series subsidences

Jady Bates, series Working Jill

Jacub Pasierkiewicz, series natural resemblance

jeffrey milstein, series NYC mile high

marita gootee, series sand shadows

olof johansson, series The Ruin

pat swain, lost flamingos in the cloud forest

Robin Germany, series required reading

samuel feron, series Lagunas


cristina riesgo, series blue peninsula

dan nelken, series L&T

diane kaye, series the long moment

Hans silvius, series fauna

James Cooper, series agriculture

Michelle Dragonetti, series boat hulls

pekka jarventaus, series people of the ghat

kristina sasja, series discover earth

Scott Portelli, series untitled

Steffen Faisst, series Tiny splashes

tom wheeler, series untitled